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Anushka Zargaryan

Anushka Zargaryan

Have you watched Masterchef Australia’s eleventh season? You’ve been missing out if you haven’t already. Great dishes, judges, and contestants can be found on the show. Anushka Zargaryan is one of those competitors. She used to be an optical dispenser and is now an aspiring chef. Her dishes are fantastic, and she has already gained a large number of fans as a result of her appearance on the show.

Early Life of Anushka Zargaryan

Anushka was born in Armenia and now calls Melbourne home. Her parents and birth date are unknown. In the late 1990s, she immigrates to Australia with her parents. At the moment, the aspirant chef is 49 years old. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Educational work from her university, which she graduated from in 1991. Her ethnicity is Armenian and her nationality is Armenian-Australian.

Who is Anushka Zargaryan Husband?

Arthur is Anushka Zargaryan’s husband. The couple has been together for several years and does not appear to be leaving each other’s side anytime soon. Arthur works as a flight engineer for a major airline out of Melbourne. She has two children, David and Lilit, in addition. David is David’s older brother, and Lilit is his younger sister.

What are the Net Worth and Salary of Anushka Zargaryan?

Currently, Anushka’s net worth is unknown. According to Payscale, the average salary for optical dispensers in Australia is $23.39. In addition, she has previously worked in a coffee shop. Taking all of this into consideration, her net worth must be in the thousands of dollars. If she wins the 11th season of Masterchef Australia, her net worth will rise by $250,000 to $250,000,000.

The Career of Anushka Zargaryan

Zargaryan worked as an optical dispenser prior to joining the show. Her love of cooking motivated her to participate in the show. She has only been in the bottom zone once since first appearing on the show. In addition, she recently won a team competition with her ‘purple team.’ We’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see how she performs.

Facts of Anushka Zargaryan

Full NameAnushka Zargaryan
Place Of BirthArmenia
ChildrenDavid and Lilit

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