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Asia Argento

Asia Argento

Facts of Asia Argento

Full NameAsia Argento
Net Worth$15 Million
Date Of BirthSeptember 20, 1975
Age43 years 9 months
Place Of BirthRome, Lazio, Italy
Height5' 6" (1.68 m)
ProfessionActress, Director, Writer
SpouseMichele Civetta (m. 2008–2013)
ChildrenAnna Lou Castoldi, Nicola Giovanni Civetta
ParentsDario Argento, Daria Nicolodi
SiblingsFiore Argent, Anna Ceroli
TwitterAsia Argento Twitter
InstagramAsia Argento Instagram
IMDBAsia Argento IMDB
AwardsDavid di Donatello for Best Actress, David di Donatello for Best Actress
NominationsNastro d'Argento for Best Screenplay, Prize of Un Certain Regard, Nastro d'Argento for Best Screenplay, Un Certain Regard Special Prize, Jury Prize - Un Certain Regard, Un Certain Regard Ensemble Prize
MoviesXXX, Scarlet Diva, Misunderstood, Dracula 3D, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, The Stendhal Syndrome, The Mother of Tears, The Last Mistress, Land of the Dead, B. Monkey, The Phantom of the Opera, Boarding Gate, La Reine Margot, New Rose Hotel, Marie Antoinette, Demons 2, Go Go Tales, Trauma...
TV ShowsLes Misérables

Quotes of Asia Argento

1Movies have saved my life and I'm so grateful. I'm so shy and weird that if I didn't find a place in the world through movies, I don't know what I would've become.
2Italy to me is like the mean mother. Whatever I do, it's never good enough. People say I'm the queen of Cannes, but in Italy I get turned down for work.
3In Italy people think I'm a cliché. The dark lady, the bitch from hell. All they can see is that I'm naked.
4I always saw myself as really ugly. My father even told me I was ugly because I would shave my head and look like a boy. Then, when I was 21, I was offered this part in a movie where I was supposed to be really sexy [Michael Radford's B. Monkey (1998)]. It was strange for me to have to research femininity, but I found out these tricks for getting attention that I didn't know before. It was a kind of revenge, I guess, on all the kids who said I was ugly at school.
5After xXx (2002) came out, because of all the publicity, I was wearing Prada and going to the gym, and I had an agent in L.A. and all this shit that I've avoided for years. I felt that was expected of me, that I had to be a sexy bombshell. I started receiving all these offers for these kick-ass chick sort of roles. But it didn't make me very happy, to tell the truth, and after giving birth, it all felt different. I don't mean to sound like a bourgeois moralist, but it's true--I started thinking, "What is Anna [her daughter] going to think?"
6I tend to be a lazy actress, unless I'm pushed. Most of the time nothing much is required of directors, which is a pity. I've worked with very few directors who've asked of me what I asked of myself.
7In a way, when you talk so much about something, it does not belong to you any more. It's happened to me and my bad memories. I've manipulated them and now they could be parts of Gone with the Wind (1939).
8The questions about my father [director Dario Argento] get less and less, and I'm relieved about that. No, I wasn't upset by the things he did to me in his films. I never thought of it like it was me doing it, because he would say, "It's only a movie," and I thought the same.
9I have nothing in my life besides my work. I am obsessed with it. I leave my house only when I'm forced to. All my life, I have felt that what I did was wrong. But now when I work I feel good about it.
10Sometimes I think my father [director Dario Argento] gave me life because he needed a lead actress for his films.
11I care only about that. Almost only about cinema.
12I want to be adopted by the French. I want to go to live in Paris. I want to live in a country where a guy like Gaspar Noé can direct his films without going to jail. I don't want to live in Italy, the country of the apes, and end up being an actress with an onion placed where I once had a heart, that instead of beating, it stinks.
13[in answer to the question "How do you want to be remembered?"] As somebody who has done everything, but didn't know how to do anything.
14During the shooting of my directorial debut, I must never let myself go to any goliardery, even if I might think I am missing some fun, never mingle with the rest of the crew, because they are actors while I am the mirth of a rickety poem. They are solo artists, virtuosos - but I am the orchestra, the strings carpet where everybody has to lay. They are the public, while I am tonight's special event. I allow them to be instantly well-liked, but I must remain rigorous to reveal my eyes, I have to act out the things that never happen. When I think of my film, I don't take anything from the reality that I know, I suck only from the utopia/reality I would want to live. When I say my lines, the I have written for myself, I think about this, of a womb-like world where amniotic liquids protect me from injustices and the boogey man.

Quick Facts of Asia Argento

1Living in Rome. [June 2007]
2Resides in Los Angeles, California. [February 2004]
3Served as a juror at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.
4Her second child is a boy named Nicola Giovanni (b. September 15th, 2008) with her ex-husband Michele Civetta.
5Starred in three films that were screened at 2007 Cannes Film Festival: Catherine Breillat's The Last Mistress (2007), Olivier Assayas' Boarding Gate (2007) and Abel Ferrara's Go Go Tales (2007).
6Claims that she fell in love with Marco Castoldi, singer of Bluvertigo and father of her daughter Anna Lou, at first sight.
7Ran away from home at 14.
8The Welsh Hardcore/metal band Hondo Maclean, named a song after her. Once she heard it, she offered to do a publicity photo for them. It appeared on the back of their "Plans for a Better Day" EP.
9Her close friends are Valeria Golino, Adrien Brody, Libero De Rienzo, Vera Gemma, Norman Reedus, Laura Albert , Marilyn Manson, and Rose McGowan.
10Made Italy's first digital film.
11Was the youngest female director in Italy.
12Granddaughter of photographer Elio Luxardo, known as the Italian Leni Riefenstahl.
13Her maternal grandmother, Fulvia Casella, was the daughter of Alfredo Casella, one of the most important composers of Italian Futurism, and of his wife, Yvonne Müller, who was a French Jew.
14Speaks Italian, French, and English.
15Her first name is pronounced "ah-SEE-ah.".
16Niece of Claudio Argento.
17Half-sister of Fiore Argento.
18Her first child is a daughter named Anna Lou born June 20, 2001, in Lugano, Switzerland, with her former partner Marco Castoldi. Anna Lou is named after Asia's half-sister Anna Ceroli, who died in a motorcycle accident in 1994.
19Granddaughter of Salvatore Argento.
20Daughter of Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi.
21Born at 8:07am-CEDT
22Officially named Aria since the registration office did not accept Asia.

Trademarks of Asia Argento

1Often dresses in black

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