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Bryan Spies

Bryan Spies

Bryan Spies, an American paramedic, rose to prominence after he began dating actress Abigail Hawk, as did many of the celebrity spouses.

Who is Bryan Spies Wife?

Bryan Spies has been happily married to Blue Bloods actress Abigail Hawk for eleven years. The couple married on April 25, 2009, just one month after their March 2009 engagement.

Spies is not a celebrity, but he has adjusted well to being in front of the camera. He frequently attends public events with his famous wife. In addition, the actress frequently posts photos of her husband on her Instagram account.

The Almost Paris actress also frequently posts photos of her two sons on Instagram. Harlan Sheppard Spies, the couple’s first child, was born in May 2012, and their second son was born in 2017.

Estimated Net Worth of Bryan Spies

Bryan Spies is a New York City Fire Department paramedic (FDNY). A paramedic in New York City earns $45,454 per year on average. However, the money grows over time, and after five years, it is $61, 464 per year.

Spies has been with the department for a long time, so he is most likely on the higher end of the pay scale. His net worth is $300,000 as of 2020.

Facts of Bryan Spies

Full NameBryan Spies
Net Worth$300,000
SpouseAbigail Hawk
Children2 Sons

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