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Don Henley

Don Henley

Facts of Don Henley

Full NameDon Henley
Net Worth$200 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 22, 1947
Age72 years 1 months
Place Of BirthGilmer, Texas, United States
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
ProfessionSongwriter, Singer, Musician, Drummer, Actor
EducationStephen F. Austin State University, University of North Texas, Perth WA, Australia, Melbourne VIC, Australia, Sydney NSW, Australia, Hotel California, Boys of Summer, Take It Easy
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseSharon Summerall (m. 1995)
ChildrenWill Henley, Julia Sophia Henley, Annabelle Henley
ParentsC.J. Henley, Hughlene Henley, Perth WA, Australia, Melbourne VIC, Australia, Sydney NSW, Australia, Hotel California, Boys of Summer, Take It Easy
NicknamesDonald Hugh Henley , Eagles , The Eagles
FacebookDon Henley Facebook
AwardsGrammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1998),
Albums"Cass Country" (2015), "Building the Perfect Beast" (1984), "Inside Job" (2000), "I Can't Stand Still" (1982), "The End of the Innocence" (1989), "The Very Best of Don Henley" (2009)
Music GroupsEagles
NominationsGrammy Award for Album of the Year, Grammy Award for Record of the Year, Grammy Award for Song of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album, Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, Grammy Award for Best American Roots Song, Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Perf...
Movies"Leap of Faith"

Quotes of Don Henley

1Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.
2A man with a briefcase can steal millions more than any man with a gun.
3I don't care what anybody says about Ringo. I cut my rock-n-roll teeth listening to him.
4Lawsuits should not be used to destroy a viable and independent distribution system. The solution lies in the marketplace and not the courtroom.
5Mick Jagger can't even make a successful solo album, and the Stones are the biggest rock group that ever was.
6I'm always jotting things down on pieces of paper. I've got pieces of paper all over my house.
7I'm certainly not thrilled with everything the Eagles did, but there are some things I'm quite proud of.
8Let hope inspire you, but let not idealism blind you. Don't look back, you can never look back.
9The Eagles ended on a rather abrupt note, although in retrospect I realize now that it had been ending for quite some time.
10I could stand out front and sing Eagles songs that I sing in my set, but I think people enjoy watching me sing and play the drums. It seems to fascinate people. I don't know why.
11Sometimes songwriters and singers forget that. They get a melody in their head and the notes will take precedence, so that they wind up forcing a word onto a melody. It doesn't ring true.
12I could have played more complex stuff. I could have been a busier player. But that's not what I wanted to do. I played what I wanted to play.
13I don't mind doing two or three Eagles songs and playing the drums. I'm not one of those artists who's going to sit here and deny the past.
14I have a bad back partially from playing the drums and singing. I used to have to hold my body in such a position that my spine got out of alignment.
15I played drums on Keith Carradine's first record.
16I think my first instrument was a ukulele that they gave me. I used to know how to play that pretty well.
17I try to write conversationally; I try to write like people speak and put the emphasis on the right syllable.
18I'm blessed with a pretty good voice. So just sitting back there banging on the tubs wasn't enough.
19I'm fortunate that I've been in this business long enough that I've earned the right to be left alone by my record company.
20I'm not on any crusade.
21It was pretty frightening because as we all know, when large, famous groups breakup, a lot of the members don't survive in solo careers.
22Playing the drums hurts my back.
23Selling eight million copies of your first album will mess you up.
24Some records with drum machines on them sound phony and plastic. It all depends on how you use the tools.
25The Eagles and the critics were not the best of friends.
26Between each album I try to gain a new insight that I didn't have before and perhaps write a song about something that I've written about before, but from a fresh viewpoint.
27I have a certain pool of subject matter that I like to write about, things that interest me: politics, religion, ecology, and relationships between men and women. And that's usually what I focus on.
28My father was an avid gardener. On many a summer morning he rousted me out of bed well before sunup and handed me a hoe. We had more than an acre to tend, and the objective was to get as much as possible done before the sun got too high in the sky and the temperature rose above 100. The humidity in that region, while good for the skin and for growing vegetables, is oppressive, and heat exhaustion is always a possibility in summer. On several occasions my thoughts turned patricidal. But as the years have passed, I have grown to appreciate what my dad taught me, not only about growing things in the earth, but also about responsibility and the value of hard, physical work. I now derive physical and spiritual pleasure from gardening. All this galls me a little, because my dad always said it would turn out this way.

Quick Facts of Don Henley

1Estimated in 2012 to have a $200 million fortune, making him the fourth richest drummer in the world, behind Ringo Starr of The Beatles, Phil Collins (solo artist and Genesis singer) and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Nirvana.
2Hotel California tour with Eagles. [September 2005]
3Provided backing vocals on Bob Seger's 1980 hit, "Against The Wind".
4Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2000.
5Attended Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas.
6Sang 2 duets with Trisha Yearwood, "I Want To Know You Inside Out" and "Walkaway Joe".
7Eagles were voted the 75th Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artists of all-time by Rolling Stone.
8Sang a duet with Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks. The song was called Leather and Lace, which was written by Nicks.
9Is one of only two members of Eagles to have been with the band since its creation (the other being Glenn Frey).
10Along with actor Peter Weller (RoboCop (1987)), a 1969 graduate of North Texas State University (became University of North Texas - May 1988) in Denton, Texas, USA.

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