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Who is Emily Morgan? What’s Her Net Worth? Her Personal Life, Bio

Who is Emily Morgan? What’s Her Net Worth? Her Personal Life, Bio

Emily Morgan just featured in movies likes Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994, The Precious Bane in 1989. As per reports, she gained popularity for playing a minor role in the film French Lieutenant’s Woman in 1981.

Bio of Emily Morgan

It is very difficult to decide where and when Emily Morgan was born. There is only limited information on Emily Morgan’s life. So, it is hard to decide whether she is an American citizen or a British citizen. She is of mixed ethnicity. She has blonde hair color and blue eyes.


In the year 1994, she started her career as an actress after playing a role in the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, a British romantic comedy movie. This movie directed by Mike Newell and the screenwriter was Richard Curtis. The film story follows the adventures of Charles (Grant) and his friends as they each encounter romance through a number of social occasions.

Emily Morgan acting with co-actor (
Caption: Emily Morgan acting with co-actor (Photo: Mubi)

The film became the highest-grossing British film in history at the time, with worldwide box office in excess of $245.7 million against the production budget under £3 million. Also, the film received Academy Award nominations for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. Then she gained fame after featuring in the movie called “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” in 1981. The movie is base on the story of the novel written by John Fowles. But the movie directed by Karel Reisz, and produced by Leon Clore.

Caption: Emily morgan acting in the movie ( the year 1985-1987, she featured in tv series “Drummonds” produced by the ITV network a London Weekend Television. Then she showed her acting skill in ‘Precious Bane’ but the story of the movie based on the novel by Mary Webb. It was made into a six-part BBC television drama series in 1957. Then she became a producer in the year 2012 for the film ‘The Mass of Men’. It is a British short film directed by Gabriel Gauchet.

Caption: Emily morgan acting in the movie (
Caption: Emily morgan acting in the movie (

The story of the film based on the experiences of friends and family, job seekers, and suffered similar humiliation. Then the film got selected in the 111 film festivals and able to win 58 awards. In the year 2017, Emily co-produced a film named ‘I Am Not a Witch‘. This film directed by Rungano Nyoni as her feature debut film. In the Cannes Film Festival in 2017, the film won the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer for Nyoni and producer Emily Morgan at the 71st British Academy Film Awards.

What is the Net Worth of Emily Morgan?

Emily must have to collect a decent sum of money by working in the entertainment industry. She surely earns more than the average salary working as an actress, and producer. The average salary of the actress is around $50 thousand and a producer is around $91 thousand.

This actress has kept details of earning and net worth private. But different websites mentioned her net worth different in the range between $50 thousand to $1 million. Emily is yet to revealed her actual net worth. She surely lives a comfortable living a low profile life.

Does Emily Morgan Have a Husband?

Actress and producer Emily Morgan is a private person. So it is hard to define she has a relationship with others or not. Emily has been living a low profile life for a long period of time. Also, she doesn’t like to come into the limelight for her relationship. Emily might be married but there are no details about her marriage.

Caption:Emily Morgan with TV series Actress(Photo: Mubi)
Caption: Emily Morgan with TV series Actress(Photo: Mubi)

So without any evidence of her marriage, we can’t say she is married and living happily with her husband. Also, many people have assumed, she might be the mother of kids but living a low-profile life. She hasn’t been found the sight of love from any man. Emily hasn’t come into public because of her relationship or controversy.

Is Emily Morgan Death?

Well, some websites or web page comments that Emily Morgan might be dead. But without information or any official announcement, It is hard to decide that she is alive or dead.

Facts of Who is Emily Morgan? What’s Her Net Worth? Her Personal Life, Bio

Full NameEmily Morgan

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