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Who is Fatboy SSE Wife? Age, Height, Net Worth 2021, Fly Away, Bio

Who is Fatboy SSE Wife? Age, Height, Net Worth 2021, Fly Away, Bio

He came from a rumored bad neighborhood. He began as a drug dealer at a time when children his age were only interested in playing. Fatboy SSE is a comedian, rapper, and social media celebrity who grew up in a poor and struggling family.

It’s really inspiring how a person can’t be judged by his past. Despite the fact that he began as a person interested in illegal work, he is a hard worker who has dedicated his YouTube channel to make other people laugh.

Early Life of Fatboy SSE

Even though fans know him as Fatboy SSE, his real name is Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, and he was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey. The rapper was born on November 16th, 1993, making him 25 years old. He was born to his father, who worked as a Security Personnel, and his mother, Ann. Furthermore, he has two brothers, one of whom is the well-known comedian Darius DK. He is of African-American ethnicity and of American nationality.

Fatboy did not enjoy life as much as most because he was exposed to drugs and violence at a young age in his neighborhood. He began selling weed and illegal drugs at the age of 14 years old. He tragically lost his sister to street violence when he was 17, and he tattooed her face. In May 2019, he was sentenced to prison for a variety of crimes, including marijuana possession.

In terms of education, the troubled child attended Union Avenue Middle School in Irvington before dropping out in 12th grade after failing too many subjects.

How much is Fatboy SSE Net Worth?

Fatboy has made a name for himself as a comedian, YouTuber, rapper, and social media celebrity. His current net worth is around $500,000.00. However, after the release of his film, he will become more popular, and his net worth will undoubtedly rise.

Who is Fatboy SSE Dating Currently?

Fatboy was dating Jas. Furthermore, his girlfriend has appeared in a few of his skits. His reaction when another gut tried to pull a conversation with his girlfriend was a fan favorite. However, his relationship with his girlfriend ended in February 2019.

Fatboy SSE informed his followers that his girlfriend was cheating on him. His girlfriend, on the other hand, described how Fatboy abused and hit her. Furthermore, his relationship with his girlfriend ended on bad terms, and she even threatened to ruin his career.

Following their breakup, the rapper appears to have moved on from his previous love and has already found a new girlfriend. Nonetheless, according to his Instagram, he posted videos and pictures with his presumed girlfriend. Unfortunately, he has not mentioned the name of this girl, who could be his current girlfriend.

How tall is Fatboy SSE?

Fatboy stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. Concerning his weight, his exact weight is being determined. He has, however, lost weight through exercise and eating healthy foods.

The Career of Fatboy SSE

Fatboy does more than just post amusing videos on social media. After gaining followers through his strange public behavior video, he released a mixtape titled Fat Bastard in January of 2016. Furthermore, he expanded his rap career by releasing albums such as ‘A Fat Kid Loves Cake,’ ‘2 Fat,’ and ‘FATBOYGANG MIXTAPE, VOL. 1’. Famous celebrities like Michel Bell, 50 Cent, and Meek Mill praised and praised him. His music can be found on his self-titled ‘YouTube’ channel as well as on ‘SoundCloud.’

In addition, the rapper will appear in the film ‘I Got The Hook-Up 2’, which will be released on July 12. Prior to becoming a social media sensation, the rapper worked at Chipotle, where he was fired for stealing food and being constantly late.

Facts of Who is Fatboy SSE Wife? Age, Height, Net Worth 2021, Fly Away, Bio

Full NameFatboy SSE
Date Of Birth16th November 1993
Age 28 years 7 months
Horoscope Scorpio
Place Of Birthraised in Irvington, New Jersey
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
EducationUnion Avenue Middle School
ParentsMother Ann
SiblingsDarius DK
Albums‘A Fat Kid Loves Cake’, ‘2 Fat’ and ‘FATBOYGANG MIXTAPE, VOL. 1’

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