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Fernando Valdez Biography, Net Worth 2022, Weight, Height & Career

Fernando Valdez Biography, Net Worth 2022, Weight, Height & Career

Fernando Valdez is the celebrity spouse of YouTuber and social media star Bailey Sarian. He’s also a social media personality and a makeup artist.

Early Life of Fernando Valdez

Fernando Valdez is a Venezuelan actor who was born in 1981. As of 2022, he is 40 years old. When he was a kid, he used to live with his family in a gang-infested neighborhood where many of his neighbors were involved in different illegal activities. However, he never saw his situation negatively and instead relied on his creative imagination to motivate him. As a result, he grew interested in tattoos linked with urban slang, gang graffiti, and jail from a young age. Because he was of Latin ancestry, he didn’t know how to speak English at school. As a result, he began to use his work on paper and paint to express himself.

Other details about his educational life are more difficult to get across because he has turned off all of his Internet connections. Our team will keep track of Fernando’s numerous details, and if he shares anything new about his education, we’ll let you know. He has, however, disclosed some information regarding his bachelor’s degree courses. He claimed to have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from Stanford University.

What is the Net Worth of Fernando Valdez?

Fernando Valdez has a net worth of $763,000. He is paid a minimum of $267,050 each year. He is also a social media star and a tattoo artist, according to his bio.

He earns $500 for every Instagram post. His wife Bailey, on the other hand, has a net worth of roughly $6 million. Sarian earns between $108.7k and $1.7 million per year from her YouTube channel.

Fernando’s wife also has her own line of products. She also has 2.5 million Instagram followers and earns over $10,000 every post from bonuses and brand endorsements.

What are Fernando Valdez and Bailey Sarian relationships?

Valdez is married to Bailey Sarian, a social media influencer. The pair had been together for a long time prior to their marriage. They also dated for a shorter period of time.

Furthermore, the pair had grown to know each other over the course of their long-term relationship. On December 13, 2013, the two met for the first time. Later in 2017, these social media personalities married.

The couple hasn’t experienced any issues or scandals in their relationship so far. On the majority of their postings and content, the couple may be seen together. They’ve been living together for a long time.

Career of Fernando Valdez

Fernando started his professional career as a tattoo artist when he was a child in 1990. At the outset of his career, he was involved in skateboarding, hip-hop, and punk rock cultures in addition to working as an artist. All of these many interests made him a more passionate person, and each of his tattoo designs reflects his excitement.

As a result of his difficult fight, he was influenced by all of life’s ups and downs and created his own identity. He gained to fame as a result of his participation in a number of art projects with well-known corporations. He has never actively pursued higher-level posts; instead, they have come to him naturally, and he has accepted them all.

Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Interscope, and many others are among his clients for whom he has worked as a Creative Artist. His main goal in life is to create a timeless masterpiece and to inspire the next generation.

He believes that his efforts have benefited society.


Facts of Fernando Valdez Biography, Net Worth 2022, Weight, Height & Career

Full NameFernando Valdez
Net Worth$763,000
Date Of Birth1981
Age 41 years 0 months
Horoscope Cancer
Place Of BirthSouthern California
ProfessionTattoo artist
EducationGraduate in Business and Management


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