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Who is George Calombaris Wife? Net Worth 2021, Height, Recipes

Who is George Calombaris Wife? Net Worth 2021, Height, Recipes

What comes to mind when you hear the word chef? Obviously, you will consider a person who is skilled in all aspects of food preparation. Meanwhile, George Calombaris is an Australian chef and restaurateur of Greek descent. He is also a well-known TV personality who has appeared in shows such as Good News Week (1996), Master Chef Australia (2009), Junior Master Chef Australia (2010), and Ready Steady Cook.

He also owns seven restaurants in Melbourne. Calombaries was also named one of the top forty chefs in the world in 2004 by Wine Magazine and Global Food. George is best known for his Greek, Italian, and Cypriot heritage dishes.

Early Life of George Calombaris

On October 4, 1978, George Dimitrios Calombaries was born. He will have completed 41 years of age by October of 2019. He was born in Melbourne, Victoria, under the zodiac sign Libra.

He also has Australian nationality. His ethnicity, however, remains unknown. George was born to Jim Calombaris (father) and Mary Calombaris (mother). Furthermore, no information about his childhood or siblings is provided.

When it comes to Georg’s educational background, he graduated from Mazenod College in Mulgrave. He also studied at the Box Hill Institute of TAFE. In addition, he received the Bon Land Scholarship in 1999.

How much is George Calombaris Net Worth?

However, his current net worth in 2019 is still being calculated. However, as of 2017, his net worth was $5 million. George’s net worth may have increased by 2019 as a result of his earnings as a chef.

Though his main source of income is as a chef and his restaurants, he also earns money from appearances on various TV shows.

Who is George Calombaris Wife?

George married Natalie Tricarico. They have been married for a number of years. Furthermore, the births of two children, James (son) and Michaela (daughter), added to the Calombaris family’s joy.

In 2011, his son James was born. Everyone takes care of their children as a father, but in the case of George, he appears to care more about their children than a mother does.

George is so concerned about his children’s health that he has forbidden them from eating fast food at restaurants. People are usually surprised to learn that George sends his son to birthday parties with a healthy homemade lunch. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a loving and caring father?

George, on the other hand, is a successful chef as well as a loving husband and father. Until now, no information about George’s dating affairs or divorce from his wife has come to light. Currently, he is enjoying his life with his lovely family.

Controversy: Recent error in the Australian chef program!

George is one of the people who usually brings up a contentious issue. On Mother’s Day in 2014, George’s restaurant the Hellenic Republic was closed for 24 hours for an investigation. After eating at the Republica restaurant, 90 people experienced nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

However, later on, staff was found to be guilty of this. In 2015, George was embroiled in another controversy after it was revealed that he was underpaying his employees. As a result, some employees are overpaid, while others are underpaid by up to $2.6 million. In addition, he was charged with assault in 2017 following an altercation at the A-League Grand Final. He pleaded guilty and later apologized for it.

In the case of George, he is ranked among the top 40 chefs in the world. Furthermore, he is related to one of the world’s wealthiest chefs.

How tall is George Calombaris?

As a chef, he always prefers healthy and homemade foods over fast foods. As a result, his body appears healthy and fit. George is 61 inches tall, but his weight is unknown.

In addition, he has dark brown hair and eyes.

The Career of George Calombaris

George began his career at Sofitel, working under senior chefs such as virtuosos Gary Mehigan and Raymond Capaldi. He was employed here for two years. During that time, he received the Young Chef of the Year award.

He also received two gourmet experts caps and Best New Restaurant in the Age Good Food Guide. He then decided to do something on his own. As a result, he established The Press Club in Melbourne in 2006.

Similarly, he launched his restaurants Maha Bar and Grill and The Hellenic Republic (2008), The Belvedere Club (2008), PM 24 (2010), St Katherines (2011), and Mama Baba (2012). (2011).

In addition to all of this, he has published cookbooks such as Your Place or Mine, The Press Club, and others. He has also appeared in various television shows and cooking shows.

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