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Glen Steininger

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Glen Steininger is the biological father of famous makeup mogul Jeffree Star. Let’s know more about his professional career, personal life and much more.

 Glen Steininger’s Bio, Nationality, Ethnicity

Glen Steininger was born in the United States of America. His exact date of birth is not available at the moment and he died when Jeffrey was just six years old, he must be very young at that time.

There is also no information about her family background and early life as well as the same thing goes with his siblings. He holds America nationality whereas his ethnicity is not known. Regarding his education, there is no information about his school or college. But we guess that he might have graduated from the well-known University of America. Since he died too soon, no information was gathered about him.

What is Glen Steininger Net Worth and Salary?

Glen Steininger just came into the spotlight as the father of Jeffrey, it is very difficult to predict his net worth and salary. Also, he is already dead and it is almost impossible to find out the net worth of the date person. However, he must have worked well when he was alive.

On the other hands, his son Jeffrey has an estimated net worth of around $50 million. He collected this amazing net worth from his career in a makeup line. Also, he earns through his YouTube channel which has an amazing number of followers. After that, his cosmetics line and other random hustles also contribute to his net worth.

Glen Steininger’s Personal Life and Rumors

Glen Steininger was a married man, he also had sons named Jeffry, Roger and Philip. However, he died too soon when his youngest son Jeffrey was just six years old. After his death, his other two sons also died and left the youngest son Jeffrey and his wife only. His youngest son Jeffrey finally became a makeup artist and is renowned all over the world.

Moreover, Jeffrey did not have good terms with his mother. He used to fight with her did not like her for no reason. Since he had problems with her mother, he left his mother and started living with his uncle Phil and aunt Laurie. Jeffrey told the world that Laurie is his mother. He did not try to contact his mother for several years. But eventually, his soul started searching for her.

Glen Steininger’s
Caption: Glen Steininger’s son with his uncle and aunt

Jeffrey contacted his mother and knew how miserable life she was living when her son was a famous star and living a very luxurious life in the year 2017. Then he got back with his mother, he has still not revealed her name and anything other related to her.

Glen Steininger’s Causes of Death

Glen died when his youngest son Jeffrey was just six years old. The causes of the death of Glen is still unknown. But his death was not as natural as he did suicide. It is the fact that no does suicide without any reason. Ending life itself need a lot of courage and if someone does so then we must be clear that there must be a certain reason behind ending life. For Glen’s suicide also there must have been some deeper causes. Also, there is no one has ever spoken about the reasons, his suicide is still a mystery.

Glen Steininger’s Height and Weight

Since Glen died at a young age before the world gets to know him. However, he stands at a decent height with the matching body weight. Also, he must have been a handsome person like his son.

Glen Steininger’s Career

There is no information about his career and other facts of Glen. However, as he needed to take care of his three sons and a wife when he was alive, we are sure that he must have been doing something to take care of his family. Either he might have been doing business or any other. He was famous as the father of Jeffry who is a well-known makeup artist, YouTuber, Fashion designer, and a successful entrepreneur as well.

Glen Steininger
Caption: Glen Steininger’s son Jeffry

Moreover, he is also the founder and owner of the multi-million dollar cosmetic brand titled Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Also, his electrifying persona with heavily done eye makeup has earned him a large fan base attracted by his outstanding skills and talents. If Jeffry’s father Glen was alive and his son then he would have been a very proud father. Jeffrey is still doing his works with the same passion and we are sure he is going to do much more than this in the Future.

Facts of Glen Steininger

Full NameGlen Steininger
SpouseLaurie Steininger

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