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Jordan Cassius Hatosy Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, & Career

Jordan Cassius Hatosy Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, & Career

Jordan Cassius Hatosy is a well-known youngster. Shawn Hatosy and Kelly Albanese are his parents. He currently has a net worth of $1 million dollars.

Shawn Hatosy and Kelly Albanese are Jordan Cassius Hatosy’s parents.

Shawn, one of The Faculty’s key characters, first encountered Kelly at Restaurant Jones, where she had been working for the previous few days. Shawn told his closest friend Ethan when he first saw her that she was the most gorgeous female he’d ever seen and that he would marry her one day.

Shawn had already ascended the success ladder as an actor at the time. Kelly was aware of his feelings for her, but she refused to succumb to his seduction. Shawn was adamant about asking Kelly out for their first dinner date, and Kelly was enthralled by his humility, shyness, and sense of humor. He looked to be begging Kelly to be his companion.

In fact, Kelly, the actress from Two in One, began dating Shawn and the two got to know each other better. Their love and devotion to one another made them one of Hollywood’s most happy couples. In December 2010, the couple married in a beach wedding ceremony in Laguna Beach, California.

Their wedding day, which took place a week before Christmas, was made even more special by the rain. Furthermore, the exquisite wedding took place at Trivoli Terrace, thanks to the skillful supervision of Patrick Walker.

Laguna Florist and Sprinkles Cupcakes also provided the wedding cake and decorating. Similarly, Shawn and Kelly hired Platinum Peaks DJ Huey Lee to keep their guests entertained and dancing all night.

Kelley looked stunning in an Enzoani silk gown and Michael Kors heels. Shawn’s makeup artist, Kim Collea, undoubtedly enhanced Kelly’s wedding makeup with more beauty and elegance.

What is the Estimated Net Worth of the Parents of Jordan Cassius Hatosy?

Jordan’s father has a net worth of $1 million, while his mother Kelly has a net worth of roughly $200,000. Jordan and his brothers receive a lot of media and public attention as famous kids. Jordan will undoubtedly become a well-known superstar if he follows in his parents’ footsteps.

Jordan, 17, and his younger brothers are the pride and joy of their parents. The lads also spend their free time and vacations with Shawn and Kelley. Jordan and his parents take trips to new areas every now and again.

Jordan’s grandparents occasionally join them to make the events even more meaningful.

The Filmography of Jordan’s Parents

Kelly, 42, has acted in films such as Two in One (2003), Playing with Fire (2008), and Endings, Beginnings (2009). (2019). She has also appeared in television shows such as Monk (2004), Southland (2012), Goliath (2016), Life in Pieces (2016), Pure Genius (2016), Shameless (2016), and The Fosters (2016). (2017). Kelly has also demonstrated her acting abilities in short films and telefilms.

Jordan with Juno (left), Shawn, and Kelly at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles on June 27, 2010 for the introduction of Juno Baby, an Emmy Award-winning range of children’s items that aims to encourage a lifetime love of music in children aged 12 months to five years.

Shawn, Jordan’s father, is best known for his roles in the films Animal Kingdom (2016), Southland (2009), and Alpha Dog (2009). (2006). Aside from that, Shawn has been in a number of television shows. Shawn has also appeared in films such as Six Feet Under, The Thirteenth Dimension, Soldier’s Girl, and Fear the Walking Dead (2015).

Facts of Jordan Cassius Hatosy Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, & Career

Full NameJordan Cassius Hatosy
Place Of BirthUnited States of America


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