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Kristie Allsopp

Kristie Allsopp

Kristie Allsopp, a British television presenter, is familiar with client preferences on a home allotment. She rose to prominence as the host of the Channel 4 property show ‘Location, Location, Location.’ Kristie co-hosts the show with her on-screen partner Phil Spencer. She is also well-known for smashing her children’s iPads. According to her, she broke the device because they were constantly playing games and breaking the screen time rule. As a result, she received a lot of backlashes and had to leave Twitter for a while.

Early Life of Kristie Allsopp

Kristie Mary Allsopp was born in the year 1871 in Hampstead, London, England. Her birthday is August 31st, and she is 47 years old. Charles Henry Allsopp and Fiona Victoria Jean Atherley McGowan were her parents at the time of her birth. Her father, Charles, was the chairman of the British auction house Christie’s. Furthermore, she was the family’s oldest sibling. Kristie grew up with two younger sisters, Sofie and Natasha, and a younger brother, Henry. She is also Cath Kidston’s cousin.

Allsopp attended ten schools, including St. Clotilde and Gloucestershire. She later traveled to India and taught English there before returning to the UK.

Kristie is British in terms of nationality. She is also of white ethnicity and was born under the zodiac sign Virgo.

How much is Kristie Allsopp Net Worth?

Kristie is a very wealthy lady. Her long-running career as a television presenter has endowed her with enormous wealth. According to sources, Kristie earns a salary of £500,000 as of the host of ‘Location, Location, Location.’ Kristie has also appeared on shows such as ‘Kristie’s Homemade Christmas’ and ‘Relocation, Relocation.’

She has also amassed wealth through her company Kirmir, which was founded in 1996. She was also the Conservative Party’s housing adviser. She has a net worth of 16 million pounds as of 2019.

Who is Kristie Allsopp Husband?

Kristie does not have a husband. She is, however, in a relationship with her boyfriend, Ben Anderson. Ben, her partner, is a property developer. The couple has been together since 2004 and has no plans to marry. According to Kristie, Ben was hesitant about the matter and preferred to remain unmarried.

Ben had already been married when he met Kristie. In addition, he had two children from his marriage, Hal and Orion. After the divorce, Kristie treated them as if they were her own children. Apart from that, the couple has their own children. They have two children, Bay Atlas and Oscar Hercules.

The family is currently residing in Hampstead, North West London.

Facts of Kristie Allsopp

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