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Malcolm Washington Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age & Career

Malcolm Washington Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age & Career

Malcolm Washington is an American director and producer. He also won the Filmmaker-to-Watch Award in 2017. He is also Denzel Washington’s son, an actor, director, and producer. Continue reading for more information on Malcolm Washington.


Early Life of Malcolm Washington

Malcolm Washington is an Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and director. Like his father, he’s a natural. He is currently working as a director in many studios.

Malcolm Washington is the famous actor Denzel Washington’s son. Malcolm, on the other hand, worked hard to establish himself as a top collegiate basketball player.

Career of Malcolm Washington

Malcolm Washington grew up in a household of Hollywood actors and stage personalities. Malcolm had to think about breaking into the entertainment world at some time. In 2013, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in cinema studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Malcolm was a gifted basketball player who later pursued a career in the arts and entertainment. After graduating, he abandoned sports for cinema. His family fully endorsed his choice.
In 2014, he worked as a production assistant on Jon Favreau’s adventure comedy “Chef.” The movie was a hit. He wasn’t seen for years after that. In 2016, he was cast as a second assistant director in the Jackson Young short film ‘Trouble Man’. This 30-minute film followed a high-school senior trying to get into college. Critics praised it and it is still highly acclaimed. The year after, Malcolm worked as a director, producer, assistant director, and writer. He began his career as Spike Lee’s assistant on the TV series “She’s Gotta Have It” for eight episodes. The comedy was well-received and is still seen today. Then he was asked to be an assistant director on Marc Pannia’s short film “The Last Bookstore.” In the same year, he directed ‘Summer of 17’.
Malcolm’s greatest success was creating and directing a short film. ‘Benny Got Shot’ was released in November 2017. An autopsy assistant’s nightmares was starred by Iantha Richardson, Tammi Mac, and Jay Reeves. His short film is popular. The Atlanta Film Festival awarded Washington the Filmmaker-to-Watch Award in 2017, suggesting his future in film and filmmaking. The short was also screened at Palm Springs Shortfilms 2017 and was picked for the Los Angeles Short Film Showcase. Malcom is now poised to direct the next television series, ‘I, Too, Dream America.’ No release date has been set yet. He was recently honored for producing ‘The Dispute,’ a 2019 short film. Based on his successes, Washington has a promising future in the sector.

Father of Malcolm Washington

Denzel Hayes Washington Jr., an actor, was born in Mount Vernon, New York, on December 28, 1954. He also graduated from Fordham University. With grace, compassion, dignity, and inner strength, he was labeled “the notion of classic movie fame.”


His colleagues include Antoine Fuqua, Spike Lee, and Tony Scott. He has also won two Oscars, three Golden Globes, a Tony Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Washington received the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2016. The New York Times rated him one of the best actors of the twenty-first century. In 1979, he made his off-Broadway career in Coriolanus by William Shakespeare.

Relationship of Malcolm Washington

To date in 2021, Washington has not married or had affairs. In the media, he has kept silent. As a result, his relationship remains a mystery. We’ll keep talking about his parent-child relationship.

In 1983, Malcolm’s father Denzel Washington married Pauletta Pearson. Denzel met Pauletta on the set of Wilma, his first film. After only a year of marriage, Pauletta gave birth to their first son, John David.

On November 27, 1986, she gave birth to Katia. On April 10, 1991, Olivia and Malcolm were born. Aujourd’hui, Malcolm appears to be living at home and seeing his family often.

Net Worth of Malcolm Washington

Malcolm is from an affluent family, as we all know. But his successful career has given him a firm base. But he’s now in the “family business” as a Hollywood producer.

IMDb says he’s currently an assistant producer on “She’s Gotta Have It.” Malcolm Washington’s net worth is $2 million as of 2021, almost as much as his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco.

Denzel Washington, his father, is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, and director, earning $280 million in 2021. Various sources place Denzel’s net worth at $60-80 million. So they both live lavish lives.

Facts of Malcolm Washington Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age & Career

Full NameMalcolm Washington
Net Worth$2 million
Date Of BirthApril 10, 1991
Age 31 years 2 months
Horoscope Aries
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight75 kg
ProfessionActor, Producer, Celebrity kid
EducationBachelor Degree in Film Studies, University of Pennsylvania

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