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How much is Net Worth Mikey Tua? Age, Weight, Height, Career, Girlfriend

How much is Net Worth Mikey Tua? Age, Weight, Height, Career, Girlfriend

Mikey Tua is a social media celebrity and actor from the United States. At the age of eight, he became interested in ballet. The dancer also pursued acting, following in his brother Jojo Tua’s footsteps. After seeing what he has already accomplished before the age of 18, fans believe he has a promising future.

Siblings and Parents of Mikey Tua

Mikey Tua’s birthday is in the year 2002. On June 12, he will turn sixteen years old. Delvin Tua and Katie Tua, the actor’s parents, gave birth to him. In addition, Jojo Tua, his brother, is an actor. Mikey’s education was provided by his parents through homeschooling. Silverdale, Washington is his birthplace.

How much is Net Worth Mikey Tua?

Mikey Tua’s life has brought him into contact with a variety of professions, including actor, dancer, and social media influencer. He’s amassed a sizable fortune for his sage. His net worth is estimated to be $300,000 US dollars. He is, however, only at the beginning of his career, and his future career will soon reward him handsomely.

Who is Mikey Tua Dating Currently?

Mikey Tua is dating Danielle Cohn, who is famous on and on YouTube. They remained friends after meeting because Danielle was dating another star, Sebastian Topete. Mikey and Danielle, on the other hand, began dating soon after Danielle ended her relationship with Sebastian. Danielle, 14, has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of her inventive content. She is also a singer, and her music video, ‘Only You,’ features her boyfriend.

After learning that Mikey literally saved his girlfriend’s life, fans came out to support the couple. They were apparently traveling in a car together when the accident occurred. Tua rescued his girlfriend from being smashed against the windshield. She had a blackout following the accident. Danielle had broken her collarbone, which was discovered by doctors. Tua, thankfully, was only slightly hurt.

They appear to be a perfect match, and Danielle also tweeted a photo of Mikey saving her life. On social media, the couple shares a lot of photos of themselves together. We cannot be certain of their long-term stability because they are still very young and are prone to changing their feelings for one another as they get older.

Mikey Tua and his girlfriend received negative feedback from viewers and fans. According to reports, the couple filmed themselves getting married in Las Vegas and announcing Mikey’s girlfriend’s pregnancy. Social media users were all curious and surprised because the couple was too young to even legally marry. The couple’s performance drew a lot of attention, and their audience grew. At their Gender-Reveal surprise party, Mikey and his girlfriend revealed it was all a ruse.

As a result, the prank failed miserably. After learning the truth, the audience became enraged and reacted angrily to the couple. Many viewers tweeted and commented negatively, stating that it was a serious matter that should not be joked about. They were bombarded with negative tweets and comments. Furthermore, fans claimed it was all a publicity stunt to increase viewership.

Mikey and his girlfriend apologized in a video and agreed to donate 15% of their profits to Planned Parenthood after realizing their error. Furthermore, the young couple responded that they carried out the prank to raise awareness among young viewers about unprotected sex.

How Tall is Mikey Tua?

Mikey, who is still growing, stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 54 kilograms. His eyes are blue, and his hair is an auburn color.

Professional Career of Mikey Tua

Mikey began his acting career by following in the footsteps of his brother. He made his film debut as “Austin” in the film “Try to Smile.” Later in his career, he appeared in Su Chen’s short film “Coma.”

He also has a YouTube channel with over 280 thousand followers. However, he primarily uploads videos with his girlfriend and is not particularly active on YouTube. Mikey is also a part of the Instagram group ‘Slightly Above Average.’ Impact Group and MSA Talent Agency are currently representing the gifted actor.

Facts of How much is Net Worth Mikey Tua? Age, Weight, Height, Career, Girlfriend

Full NameMikey Tua
Net Worth$300,000 US Dollars.
Date Of BirthJune 12th, 2002
Age 20 years 0 months
Horoscope Gemini
Place Of BirthSilverdale, Washington
Height5 Feet 5 Inches Tall
Weight54 Kilograms
PartnerDanielle Cohn
ParentsDelvin Tua and Katie Tua
SiblingsJojo Tua
MoviesAustin, Try to Smile

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