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About Us is a biography website which provides information on different celebrities all around the world. It mainly focuses on the biography of different celebrities with interesting facts. To use the site, Using different kinds of rules and regulation should be followed.

Using the data of this website, users should be agreed with all terms and conditions applied in here. If you have any disagreement with its Standard Terms and Conditions, you may complain about fulfilling the contact us forms. The rules and regulations made by Biography Fact are to keep the privacy of all visitors and readers. we recommend all the readers to visit our privacy policy thoroughly before providing your PII to us.

PIC (Personal Data Collection)

The framework worked for this site doesn’t gather individual data through a bot or outsider module. We gather data in the event that you are enrolling for a participation, mail membership or for taking an interest in surveys and assessments.

Use of Information

What is the purpose of gathering information? The data gathered from enlistment, membership will be utilized in an alternate procedure of creating and redesigning our framework.

  • Customize the design and UI, so the substance would appear to be customized individually.
  • Send bulletins, strategy updates and all the more legitimately to your email.

The Security for Data

The users always question how secure is our information? This site has used different security mechanism of keeping your information out of scam:

  • Regularly server checking
  • While using the Plugin, we always install a verified and certified only.
  • No use of  PCI quality scanning.
  • This site does not use cookies for tracking purpose.
  • We do not sell the personal data of the users to third parties.

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This site has focused on utilizing Google Adsense. The Google AdSense is a Google program which uses its innovation to serve advertisements. This strategy arrives at commercial to target individuals. This framework has been enlisted through Google AdWords or Google Ads. The originators of numerous sites are utilizing AdSense to make income from their web content, recordings, game, programming and some more. It is the most well known promoting system all around the globe.

Rules & Restrictions for Biography Fact

  • The contents of this site which are strictly prohibited to copy or republish to other sites.
  • Users can share the published contents of this site on different social networking and bookmarking sites.
  • Users are strictly prohibited to sell and commercialize the Web contents.
  • Web materials are strictly prohibited to publicly perform or expose in any form.
  • Users should be considered while using the site that will not harm the reputation of the website.
  • Users can not use this website if it creates the effect negatively to any organization or individual.
  • Mining data, data extraction and data harvesting and so on are not allowed.
  • For marketing and advertising purpose, the readers are not allowed.
  • If the site has any mistakes regarding its contents and any facts, you can inform our team fulfilling the contact form, our teams quickly response the valuable suggestions.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions or you can get touched with the teams.  We are always waiting for your valuable compliments, comments and suggestions that help us to improve our weakness and provide you with better updates.

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