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Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa

If you get connected to celebrities, there are greater chances that you’re also being admired secretly. That’s no doubt about it. And, likewise, ex-wife Sammy Sosa was divorced by Karen Lee Bright and she is still being followed today.

Karen Lee Bright was actually the first wife of Sammy Sosa. Samuel Kelvin “Sammy” Peralta Sosa is the full name of Sammy Sosa. He is a former professional baseball right fielder from Dominica.

Karen Lee Bright, Sammy Sosa’s Divorced

There is still nothing Karen Lee Bright and Sammy Sosa have revealed about their relationship. Also, when the couple started dating, the couple did not let the world know.

Even though Sammy Sosa is constantly being followed and stalked around, behind the curtain, he has managed to keep all those memories.

Karen Lee Bright was married to Sammy Sosa in 1990, as per sources. It is still not known where the knot was tied by the couple. Some sources claim that the couple enjoyed dating for a few months for the first time. Unfortunately, in 1991, just after one year of their marital life, the couple separated.

There was no news at all about the couple having children. In the media, the reasons for their divorce have still not been discussed. Without any news being broadcast, they just broke apart in the simplest way.

At the moment, who is Karen Lee Bright Dating?

Kim Lee Bright, after her divorce from Sammy Sosa, did not appear on the news. Nor has Sammy Sosa ever included her name in any of her events, either. Since no news about Karen Lee Bright has ever been broadcast in the media, she may be single. Not either! Or not!

She may have gotten married, on the other hand, and she doesn’t want to let others know about her life. She might be happily enjoying her marital life since her dating rumors have never been published. And furthermore, on any social sites, she is not really active.

The Married Life of Sammy Sosa

Just one year after his divorce from his first wife, Karen Lee Bright, Sammy Sosa married Sonia Rodriguez. Now, the couple are blessed with a total of four children; two daughters and two sons.

The names of their daughters are Kenia Sosa and Keysha Sosa, whereas their son is named after Michael Sosa and Sammy Sosa Jr.

We hope to hear more about Karen Lee Bright, and we want to see her on social media, because these days, there are so many people who admire her.

Facts of Sammy Sosa

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