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Zach Braff Net Worth 2021, Wife, Age, Height, and Career

Zach Braff Net Worth 2021, Wife, Age, Height, and Career

Zachary Braff (Zachary Braff) is a fictional character created by Zachary Braff. Israel Braff is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. Zach is best known for his role as Dr. John Michael Dorian (J.D) on the actor series Scrubs (2001-2010). Braff has also appeared in The Last Kiss (2006), The Ex (2006), and In Dubious Battle (2006). (2016).

In addition, like his acting career, he has established a distinct identity as a director and producer. Furthermore, his first film, “Garden State,” set a box office record of $35 million. In addition to directing the film, he also wrote, starred in, and completed the soundtrack. Similarly, he directed his second film, “Wish I Was Here,” in 2014.

Early Life of Zach Braff

Zachary Israel Braff, an American actor, and producer, was born on April 6, 1975. As a result of this, he is now 44 years old. He was born in South Orange, New Jersey, USA, under the sign of Aries. Furthermore, he is of American nationality.

Zach was born to Harold Irwin Braff (father) and Anne Brodzinsky (mother). His father is a lawyer, and his mother is a psychologist. Later in life, his parents divorced.

Following that, his father married another woman. Zach has three brothers and sisters. His three siblings include two brothers (Joshua and Adam Braff) and a step-sister (Jessica Kirson).

In addition, his brother Joshua is a writer, and his brother Adam is a producer. Jessica, his stepsister, is also a comic book artist. In terms of education, he attended Maplewood’s Columbia High School.

Later on, he transferred to the art school Stagedoor Manor, where he was able to hone his acting skills. Zach also attended Northwestern University’s School of Communication.

How much is Zach Braff Net Worth?

Zach has amassed a sizable career as a director, producer, and actor. In 2019, he had a net worth of $22 million. Furthermore, Zach earns $350,000 per episode, which can be calculated as his salary.

Based on this, we can estimate that Braff earned around $3.85 million from his seventh season of Scrubs. Aside from that, his first film, Garden State, grossed $36 million dollars at the box office.

Actually, the film cost $2.5 million to produce.

Who is Zach Braff Dating Currently?

Zach keeps his personal life very private. As a result, the majority of personal information is still under wraps. Zach, on the other hand, is currently single and unattached.

People are unaware of Zach’s romantic relationships with a number of stunning women. Despite Zach’s efforts to conceal his identity, we are able to learn the name of the girl who was previously associated with Zach. Braff was dating actress Mandy Moore in 2004.

He enjoyed his single life for a few years after his breakup with Mandy. Then, in 2009, he began dating Taylor Bagley. Their relationship was going well until 2014 when they decided to end it.

He was dating Shiri Appleby at the same time he was dating Taylor (2007-2008). Furthermore, his name is linked to Bonnie Somerville (2003-2004) and Sarah Chalke (2001-2003), co-stars of his TV show Scrub.

What is the Height and Weight of Zach Braff?

Zach Braff is a fit and charming actor. He stands 5 feet 11 inches (182cm) tall and weighs 86kg (189Ibs). In terms of other body measurements, he has a 42-inch-chest (107-cm) waist, a 33-inch-waist, and 14-inch-biceps (35 cm).

Professional Career Zach Braff

Zach was gifted and creative from a young age. He has had an interest in directing and producing since he was a child. In addition, he had the opportunity to hone his acting skills at Stagedoor Manor, an art school.

Zach began his acting career in the late 1980s while still in high school. He begins his acting career by playing minor roles in television shows and films such as Manhattan Murder Mystery and The Babysitters Club. However, after starring in the television series “Scrubs” in 2001, he shot to fame.

People adored his portrayal of John” J.D” Dorian in the series. The show ran well from 2001 to 2010 due to its popularity. In addition, Braff was nominated for one Primetime Emmy Award and three Golden Globe Awards.

In addition, he has appeared in films and television shows such as “Garden State,” “The Last Kiss,” “In Dubious Battle,” and “The High Cost of Living.” He had also added his voice to Clone High, Bojack Horseman, Chicken Little, Oz the Great and Powerful, and other shows. As an actor and screenwriter, he has also performed in a number of plays in theaters.

Braff has also directed Style, Alex, Whiskey, and Inc. Aside from that, he is the co-founder of Mermaid Oyster.

Facts of Zach Braff Net Worth 2021, Wife, Age, Height, and Career

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