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Zak Catchem Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Weight & Career

Zak Catchem Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Weight & Career

Zak Catchem is an influencer from the United States. His YouTube channel, “Catch Em All Fishing,” has a large following. Zak uploads two videos per week, and this is the portion that everyone enjoys.

Biography of Zak Catchem

Zak Catchem was born in the United States on November 1, 1990. He has loved fishing since he was a child, according to his statement. He won the juniors competition sponsored by the International Gamefish Association in 2004, at the age of 14, where freshwater fish of any kind were eligible. He also includes members of his family as well as celebrities such as Logan Paul and Michelle Dalton.

His real name is Zak Bagby, and he was born in Florida, United States, to his father, Willian A Bagby (pepper), and his mother, Melinda D Bagby (Mindy). Furthermore, his parents are among the fortunate few who have found the love of their lives. His mother posts pictures of her son and husband on Instagram. He also has a brother who was a member of the military. Furthermore, on their father’s side, Zack and his brother are of Indian origin.

Career of Zak Catchem



Zak originally gained notoriety as a result of his participation in YouTube. He took to the stage to show off his passion for fishing. The channel, dubbed Catch Em All Fishing, chronicles Zack’s fishing escapades. The YouTube channel has over 3.27 million subscribers and over 768 million views. Following his appearances in Swamp People, his subscriber count is guaranteed to rise. Zak has a sizable Instagram following in addition to his YouTube channel. On the platform, he has around 256K followers. He uses the platform to provide data about his professional life as well as teasers of his upcoming releases.

Relationship of Zak Catchem

People are primarily interested in Zak’s relationship. Zak isn’t married yet, if we go deep into his personal life. He does, however, have a model girlfriend named Selena. However, he maintains a high level of secrecy when it comes to his married or dating life. Also, several media outlets reported that Zack was married in the past, although this has yet to be confirmed, and Zak has remained silent on the subject. Selena also used the username “Catchembae” for her Instagram account.

In 2019, Zak was rumored to be dating a girl called Kelly Young, according to the media. The length of Zak’s connection with his girlfriend, on the other hand, remained unknown. Nonetheless, their relationship was serious, as Kelly was about to meet his mother. However, they broke up for some reason, and their admirers are disappointed that they are no longer together.

They appear to have met for the first time in some fishing region, but they have kept their first meeting a secret.

Estimated Net Worth of Zak Catchem

Zack Catchem, a well-known YouTuber, has a net worth of $1.8 million, which is equivalent to Leah Ashe’s. People with many sources of income are more likely to have a larger net worth. Both are his sources of salary in the entertainment industry, but they also make him renowned, and he battled to make ends meet.

In terms of pay, the 29-year-old man makes $2,750 per month from YouTube alone; the typical salary for a fish catcher is roughly $48,170. This is only for Zack Catchem, whose YouTube channel “has over 3.4 million subscribers and over 818 hundred videos, as well as a total audience of 803,277,818 million.” Per 1000 views, YouTube might pay anywhere from $2 to $7. As a result, we can forecast that he will earn more in the future.

Facts of Zak Catchem Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Weight & Career

Full NameZak Bagby
Net Worth$1.8 million
Date Of Birth01 November, 1990
Age 31 years 7 months
Horoscope Scorpio
Place Of BirthUnited States of America


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